The (Twitter) Purge is Real

Last week, Twitter users may have noticed a drop in followers. The social platform claims most users only lost a handful, but big celebs such as Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian saw massive drops. Politicians, news networks, brands, and social media influencers we also affected.
Justin Bieber lost 2.7M followers. President Obama was close behind losing 2.4M. This represents almost 3% of their following.
The biggest loser of all? Twitter’s own account lost 7.8M, shedding 12% of it’s followers.
The purge is a result of a larger effort to safeguard the social platform and restore trust from its users. Recent years have resulted in trolls, fake, and dormant accounts causing scrutiny to the network. When all is said and done, Twitter expects to clean out about 6% of its total users.
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