Gucci Apologizes After Social Media Backlash

Kate Enright

What were they thinking? Social media raised an eye at Gucci’s$900 controversial ‘Balaclava Jumper’ sweater. The turtle neck, which completely covers the bottom half of the white models face from the eyes down, features red lips surround a mouth slit, resembling blackface. The item has since been pulled from the shelves. Gucci released a statement this week apologizing.

The issue begs the question, why does the fashion industry still make this ridiculous mistakes? Last year, Prada caused an uproar with their monkey charms with racial undertones. H&M was also under fire for their ad featuring an African American child wearing a hoodie with the slogan, “Coolest monkey in the jungle.” In today’s social climate, it’s always best to take a step back and examine your choices, especially when releasing a racist product during black history month. What do you think about the latest luxury brand scandal? Sound off in the comments.

What Brands Won The Big Game?


Kate Enright

The Patriots may have taken home another ring, but which brands won The Super Bowl? Twitter announced its winners of their #BrandBowl competition. The social platform awarded brands in 5 categories (via Adweek):

  • MVP – Awarded to the brand with the highest percentage of all brand-related tweets during Super Bowl LIII
  • Blitz – Given to the business which reaches the highest level of tweets per minute at some point during the game
  • Quarterback – The brand with a single tweet that draws the most retweets during the game
  • Interception – The highest percentage of brand conversation for a brand that did not run a TVC during the Super Bowl.
  • Video Replay – The brand that drives the most video views (new category in 2019)

These big budget campaigns stirred up the most engagement, giving insight on what it takes to generate conversation via tweets. Twitter also broke down top conversations by industry.

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