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Instagram Adds New Feature to Track Video Views

2.17.16 By: Kate Enright Gone our the days of wondering if your videos are getting enough love! Instagram is adding a feature which will count video views. This will aid marketers everywhere, who previously were working blind in terms of video audiences. Paying advertisers have always been privy to this information, but this is huge […]

Instagram Adds Support For Multiple Accounts

2.12.16 By: Kate Enright Instagram has finally answered our prayers! The popular photo sharing site now supports multiple accounts without signing out of the mobile app. The new update will allow users to add up to five additional accounts. This feature has been one of the most popular requests for some time now, and will […]

Thumbs Up to Snapchat’s Latest Update!

7/1/15 By: Kate Enright Snapchat rolled out some major user friendly updates today. The biggest change, “Tap to View,” ends an era of tired thumbs. Simply tap to watch your friend’s snap or story. Another new feature allows you to quickly add contacts. When you’re with your pals, open “Add Nearby” and a list of your friends will pop […]

What is Twitter’s new app #Periscope?

  4/17/15 By: Kate Enright Periscope is Twitter’s newest acquisition. The app operates by allowing users to live-stream video directly to their Twitter accounts. Simply, sign in with your Twitter account and begin broadcasting. You can check out what’s happening live globally, watch the “Most Loved” feeds, or see what the people you follow are up […]

Twitter Allows Comments on Retweets!

4/15/15 By: Kate Enright Gone are the days of the manual retweet. Last week, Twitter launched the updated “Quote Tweet” feature, which now allows users to embed tweets with commentary! The feature is available for iOS users and desktop users currently. Unfortunately, it has not rolled out to Android users but will soon be available. […]