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Upwardly Social LLC offers digital strategy, social media marketing, Digital ROI valuation and content production, with a special emphasis on activation and social engagement in ski-towns across the globe. Daily posts are strategically expressed on behalf of the brand by fan engagement, video production and written content to enhance a business or brand’s digital reach and exposure. Mobile, and social campaigns for all-sized consumer brand agencies, products, and public figures.


Our supreme focus in providing integrated digital services balances multi-layered resources in branding, digital design and development, creative social media marketing, and business management.  This strategic balance effectively provides result-driven digital and creative solutions for digital marketing, branding, mobile, and community outreach campaigns that enable individuals, SMB and corporate brands to strategize, produce, distribute, and monetize all digital branding and marketing initiatives.  We place considerable emphasis on the integrity and vision of each unique digital strategy and creative solution. In doing this we incorporate an exclusive, innovative values-based approach for each client.


Our strategic planning is a unique blend of industry expertise and collective awareness of business models catering to our clientele.  This helps bolster our success increasing both brand and economic value.  Enforcing this methodology, we engineer our creative and development teams to locate the industry challenges and gauge the opportunities within one’s unique competitive business landscape.  This gives us a bird’s eye view of how to rectify the issues that surface while subsequently discovering new, innovative implementations within a client’s business practices. With our innovative digital advantages and the strength of our development team, we’re capable of measuring one’s future technology, potential marketing, branding, as well as creative needs.

This is solely to help determine strategic, quantifiable goals that will help dictate the effectiveness and efficiency of digital initiatives in regard to individual clients.  Our initiative is to ensure the individual client has the wherewithal to effectively communicate brand awareness through the necessary social media channels.  We ensure that the message and the company’s purpose is clearly and concisely communicated.  Thus, we work with the routine cadence of a balanced team, discovering the appropriate and most effective form of media and methods to illustrate the client’s message.  Digital communication tools are pivotal in each brand’s unique industry, offerings, customer demographic, or competitive climate. Our team is committed to incorporating the proper tools and gauging the best strategy through pinpoint accuracy, we aim to help accelerate this process in a fast and results-driven manner.


Amanda Vanderpool

CEO, Founder

Kate Enright

VP, Digital Strategies