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We design, execute, and manage a robust, exciting, and comprehensive digital marketing campaign to spread your message, maximize your visibility, and build a vibrant following. Our team of social media strategists craft creative content that is scheduled out daily using optimized tags and keywords to ensure maximum reach.

We value the authenticity and vision of unique digital strategy and creative solutions, implementing a genuine, innovative values-based approach for each client, and we rely on our core values to provide inspiration for every project.


Our strategic process combines industry expertise with working knowledge of our client’s business models in order to create increased brand and economic value. This process allows our creative and production teams to identify specific industry challenges, opportunities and the best practices within a client’s unique competitive business environment.

Our digital strategy and production team analyzes a client’s future technology, marketing, branding and creative needs to determine strategic and quantifiable goals to ensure that digital initiatives for each individual client effectively communicate digital brand awareness through the appropriate media and message vehicles for each brand’s unique industry, offerings, customer demographic, or competitive climate.

Social Profile Management

Daily content is strategically scheduled and posted per channel based on analytics to achieve the highest audience reach and exposure. We launch an intelligent program to attract, engage, and retain followers who fit the profile of your ideal audience. We then systematically target potential partners and other influencers who can help spread your message and share content. We also directly engage with your followers daily to promote retweets, likes, and shares.

Consumer Brand Solutions

We provide a specific set of integrated digital services tailored to consumer and retail brands which focus on building first class digital consumer experiences that drive customer conversations, increase consumer conversions, and build digital brand loyalty.

We provide brand’s ROI driven digital, mobile, and social media insights. This enables us to analyze consumer’s digital behavior, allowing us to quickly adapt targeted marketing messages with constantly changing online consumer trends, which augment the relevance, depth, focus, and continuity of consumer interactions across all branded social platforms.

Insights & Reporting

Upwardly Social uses predictive modeling before a campaign to validate our approach, to optimize the results and to measure our success and apply the learnings to future digital marketing efforts.

Many different analytics tools and data points are implemented to produce a monthly report of the campaign progress and determine which strategies have had the highest performing conversions. Our #1 goal at Upwardly Social is to report the ROI back to our client from our digital marketing campaigns!


Upwardly Social’s Influencer Marketing service connects social media “Influencers” with brands to drive awareness and conversions for our customers. Our Influencer database ranges from social media personalities all the way to A-List movie stars. Strategic methodologies are implemented that combine organic content with our influencer marketplace to deliver campaigns with winning and measurable results.

Our Influencers

We maintain an elite roster of A-list, B-list and C-list celebrities so that we can find the right celebrity endorsement for you.

Influencer Relevancy

We ensure that each influencer has a relevant audience that marries nicely with your brands message and/or products and services.

Influencer Data

All influencer campaigns are tracked and managed so our clients can understand each influencer’s performance monthly.

Influencer Recruitment

Don’t see the Influencer you’re looking for? No problem, our top notch Recruitment Team will seek out specific requests of Influencer talent.  Contact Us with your inquiry and we will get back to you.


Upwardly Social provides desktop and mobile website design services.  Each clients brand has a specific look and feel and we make sure that this happens across all internet enabled devices.  From design to implementation, we certainly have the right website building solutions for you.  Ensuring that everyone sees and can interact with your brand.

Feature Identification

Understanding each clients need requires a detailed analysis of their business and services in order to design a proper web presence.

Implementation and Build

Implementing and executing the website’s feature set is what we excel at.  Efficient web development and proprietary methods shorten app build-times dramatically.

Device Quality Assurance

Ensuring that your web presence is viewable by anyone, regardless of their device, be it a desktop, mobile phone or tablet, accessibility is key.

Agile Development

Continuous and Agile Software development is the cornerstone to any technical venture or web presence.


Mobile is the future and the future is certainly now.  Mobile has seen staggering growth in the past 10 years, completely surpassing the desktop in terms of relevance.  Today over 80% of all emails are now opened on a mobile device first and mobile apps are the new website and product delivery mechanism of choice for businesses.

Feature Identification

Understanding each client’s needs requires a detailed analysis of their business and their services in order to design a proper web presence.

App Development

Implementing and executing the app feature set is what we excel at.  Efficient app development and proprietary methods shorten app build-times dramatically.

Device Quality Assurance

App functionality differs across different handset types.  We ensure that Android and iPhone platforms communicate your apps value in the same way to ensure continuity.

Mobile Insights & Reporting

Tracking mobile app usage patterns and statistics helps in determining which features to keep and remove from your app.